Are you tired of being told what to think? Be it politics, art or even food? We sure are, but hey that's not going to stop Vice Magazine's food domain, Munchies from trying. 

In an article published over the weekend, Munchies covered a new food trend in their own Brooklyn backyard. The topic, BBQ, and the reaction, well you'll see soon enough. The title of the Munchie article was, 'Why Is Brooklyn Barbeque Taking over the world?". 

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. That is the image they chose to highlight their story. We wish we were making this up, but sadly someone somewhere has no idea what they're doing.  And so, the Internet responded, in perfect outraged fashion, because quite honestly, Munchies deserved it. 

Even the man himself, Zodiac Killer, Ted Cruz weighed in on the debate. You know you messed up when Ted calls you out. 

And after the water settled down, even Munchies themselves had to laugh about it. 

And for those of you (from Brooklyn) this is what a real BBQ plate looks like.