Despite its depictions as a sparkling city defined by the iconic sloped, blue roofs of Haussmann-style architecture, Instagram-worthy pastries and a near-magical je ne sais quoi presented in films like Woody Allen’s Midnight In Paris, one American Londoner recently learned a tough lesson – Paris isn't spotless.

In June, UK-based travel influencer @malfoy_drayco has taken to TikTok with a hot take for the ages, sharing a series of scathing videos all boasting the same bitter, Parisian thesis, arguing The City of Lights is a smelly, trash-filled hellscape.

“Definitely need a Tetanus shot after coming to Paris,” he wrote in one video attempting to juxtapose the French capitol’s Pinterest-worthy arrondissements alongside shots of its extremely necessary offerings, including waste management services, a bike rental station, and a barbershop.

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In another clip, he roasted several other elements of the city, slamming its brutalist buildings as “post-apocalyptic,” expressing confusion at graffiti and complaining about dirt footpaths in the pedestrian areas surrounding the Eiffel Tower and the adjacent Champ de Mars public green space, factors that prompted him to categorize Paris a must-avoid destination.

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“Ya’ll save all ya’lls money all ya’ll lives to come here. Let me be the one to break your bubble,” he explained in his most viral clip, one that amassed more than 3.2 million likes in its first day on the site.

“First of all Paris stinks, it smells like piss, cheese and armpits,” he explained, noting that even the “damn pigeons” were “crazy” and that there wasn’t “nothing to do but eat at cafes.”

“You will see a cafe on every corner because there is no activities and the food is so mid.”

Though some travelers agreed with the message of his video –  “I’m DEAD. I went in 2013 and I’m still traumatized,” wrote one commenter – several Europeans and vocally begrudging Americans were less-than-thrilled with @malfoy_drayco’s revelation that Paris was not a living, breathing theme park.

“I am no friend of the French but if you manage to have a bad time in Paris I’m forced to conclude you’re a miserable person,” wrote @abram_facts.

“Mad that he’s gonna have me defending France,” pop culture writer Ashley Reese penned alongside a quote tweet of the video. “A lot of ridiculous things here but let’s be clear: if you can’t find good food in Paris that’s a skill issue.”

But hey in fairness, Paris isn’t for everyone. As @hum_dunkin so aptly put it, “There's actually a Disneyland near Paris if that's what you're after.”