Do we even need to do this? When are you people going to learn not to share fake videos? (yes, we are talking to ourselves, but we just couldn't help it) 

This particular video was shared to Facebook on September, 1 by Indian social media star Chandah Singh, who boasts a little over 20,000 Facebook followers. The caption reads, "The snake has gone in the ear." You don't say! 

From what we can tell, Singh isn't the video's creator, but instead found the clip somewhere online and reuploaded it to his page. The clip has brought in over 150,000 views and shows a baby snake stuck inside a woman's ear canal, tail end first. 

The "surgeon" begins to poke and inspect the snake but doesn't make any progress in removing the reptile from this "poor" woman's ear.  Maybe he's hoping the snake will come out on its own. Maybe it's an obviously staged operation. 

The video abruptly ends without any resolution to the woman's snake problem. One commenter said, "He looks like a bogus doctor."

"Instead of a doctor, a snake charmer would have extracted the snake," another commenter joked.

Most people agreed that the snake poking out head first was a dead giveaway the video was faked. However, it's quite common for insects and small animals to crawl into people's ear canals for a warm place to live and lay eggs. So while we call this one bogus, maybe she does have baby snakes growing inside her head.