Waffle House is like a magnet for crazy, so it should be no surprise that a slow-speed chase featuring a man in a stolen tractor made its dramatic end at a Waffle House.

On July 13th, @heyitsendia posted on TikTok her point of view on a police chase that came to an end in a Waffle House parking lot. A man on a stolen tractor had apparently been on a “high” speed chase with authorities and was filmed slamming into parked cars in his path, before finally being pulled from the tractor. 

@heyitsendia Atlanta is literally GTA‍♀️ All i wanna know is where he was going with that tractor #atlanta #police #highspeedchase #gta #fyp ♬ original sound - HeyItsEndia

The video is filled with great quotes from the onlookers. “That’s your car?” “No, I wish it was.”  “You can not make it up. Something always going on at the Waffle House.”

The video which joins the hall of fame of outrageous Waffle House bloopers has over 14 million views.

“A high-speed chase on a tractor??? How?” questions one commenter.

Fox 5 Atlanta reports that the “20 mph chase” was the result of Matthew Fortune stealing a John Deer 5100 tractor with a lawn mower attached and “speeding” through 3 cities.