As fast food giant McDonald's began hyping up their latest offering this week, a berry-flavored milkshake honoring mascot Grimace’s upcoming birthday, the Maccas fandom discovered several new, fascinating tidbits surrounding their favorite historically-elusive giant tastebud.

He likes classic cars and cool sunglasses, his sun sign is Gemini – a sentiment that came as absolutely no surprise to Twitter’s resident horde of astrology girlies – and he may or may not have been conceived on 9/11.

“A June 12 birthday suggests grimace may have been conceived on September 11,” Twitter user @ben_rosen observed in his now-infamous viral tweet.

Though there are several plot holes in the theory that Mama Grmace and Papa Grimace found time to panic bang amid the horrors of September 11, 2001 – namely, that Grimace was introduced in 1971, 30 years before the tragedies of 9/11 shocked the world – Twitter ran with this revelation, speculating on how, exactly, that fateful day of terrorist attacks and Grimace conceptions went down.

“Mister and Missus grimace survived and they just got to fucking like rabbits,” speculated @christweetsllc. “It’s canon now.”

“This cannot be how I find out I share a birthday with Grimace,” joked @zdanecampbell.

So happy birthday, Grimace! As @/scribblymoth so aptly put it, “

Never forget?”