Car accidents are usually not a cause for celebration. However, I wouldn’t blame any observers of this particular accident if they decided to crack open a couple beers and enjoy the show.

Let’s get through all the boring stuff. Last week, a car towing a trailer was driving along Highway 1 near Hope, British Columbia, when it suddenly got rear-ended. Unbeknownst to the semi that rear-ended the trailer, it contained $100k worth of fireworks — and this minor bump caused the whole thing to explode.

@briannadavisofficial Accident happened right behind us Near Laidlaw Hwy 1 before Exit 160, Semi w Trailer rear ended Pickup & trailer loaded with $100,000 in Fireworks #hopebc #canada #lowermainland ♬ original sound - Brianna Davis

The crash resulted in boom after glorious boom, destroying both cars while producing an absolutely incredible display.

Of course, the police weren’t so focused on how cool this was, but about how dangerous this all could have been. Take the fun out of everything, why don’t you.

“It could have been a lot worse,” said Carmen Kiener of the Upper Fraser Valley Royal Canadian Mounted Police. “Members had to be really careful when they approached the scene.”

Observers, however, had a different takeaway. “It was awesome,” said Chantal Shaw, who was there shortly following the crash. “It was the best fireworks show I’ve ever seen.”

“It was like sensory overload, because there was so much sound and so much light,” recalled Kendra Bergen in a conversation with CBC Vancouver. “I said to my son [that] it was the most spectacular fireworks show I’ve seen in my life, and probably would be his most spectacular fireworks show, and it came at no charge!”

Everyone involved with the accident was okay as well, with only one person sustaining minor injuries. Police are also looking into the crash to see if anything illegal happened, though I can’t imagine what about this whole situation could possibly be against the law.

Here’s hoping New Year’s will be even bigger!