We’re going to try something a little different today: We’re going to practice empathizing with someone many people would quickly write off as a Karen: a Tesla owner who has gone viral after footage of her screaming at a Tesla Service Center was uploaded online.

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In the video, the woman can be seen storming out of the service center before screaming several times — once in the doorway and repeatedly as she walks away from the building. In her defense, she had apparently driven an hour only for there to be an appointment “mix-up.”

Tesla has notoriously shitty customer service, so many people in the comments said they could understand her frustration, and appreciate that she at least went outside to scream instead of screaming at the employees. Several other commenters argued that it must be incredibly annoying to only be able to take your Tesla to a Tesla service center for issues, particularly when they refuse to help you.

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One TikToker stitched the video, stating that undoubtedly the worst thing about owning a Tesla is the customer service, “or lack thereof.” In the video, he reveals that when you call Tesla, there isn’t even an option to ask where your car’s registration is, “and then they make you feel like you’re dumb for even asking.”

According to a Reuters special report from July, Tesla created a secret team to suppress thousands of complaints about their cars’ driving range. The team’s job included canceling as many range-related appointments as possible.

Guess what issue the woman in the video was at the service center to seek help with?

The company is now being sued for what three California-based Tesla owners argue are such grossly exaggerated driving ranges that it essentially amounts to fraud and false advertising.

So I think we can all agree that the real Karen here is Elon Musk.