A great part of growing up is getting something pierced that’ll irk your parents (can’t relate; had ears pierced at six months old and was a goody two shoes in my teens). And with the early 2000s fashion back, the belly buttons are getting pierced. But can this new generation of pre-teens/teens handle it?


♬ צליל מקורי - freddyboogeyman

Apparently not according to a viral TikTok from an Israeli piercer going by @freddyboogeyman. He posted a montage of his young clients absolutely losing their minds and screaming over getting pierced. It's the sort of wild screech you did at five when getting your shots from the pediatrician. They’re anticipating this great pain that is really more like a pinch than a bullet.

The first girl’s scream is so high, it may be only heard by dogs. But the one guy in the video’s yell after getting his nipple pierced does feel justified. Hope he’s recovering well.

“bby if you gotta do all this just buy fakes,” responds @heyyitsjanea after the video went viral on Twitter.

Despite the horror movie acting, @freddyboogeyman is getting paid so hopefully he has invested in some earplugs.