Both the boy and turtles have aged.

In 2007, then ten-year-old Jonathan Ware's to the Portland Rose Parade became a trip into the hearts of internet users everywhere. A local reporter asked Jonathan the very broad question "what do you think?" but Jonathan had a very specific thing in mind.

The video of his answer exploded across the internet, including here at eBaum's. Back in those days when viral videos weren't quite the powerhouse form of entertainment they are today, it took the family a while to catch on to the fact their son was now a minor internet celebrity. Know Your Meme describes the scenario.

Although the boy and his family were initially unaware of the viral sensation during its onset, Jonathan’s sister eventually discovered her brother’s fame on Myspace in early July...

The local news wanted to hop back on the turtle train they had created, and paid the family a visit.

Like most legends of the internet, Jonathan appeared on a tosh.0 web redemption.

The turtle kid had a brief YouTube career. Posting gaming videos under the username "ItsTurtleTime," but his account seems to have been deleted.

Jonathan is 21 now, and seems surprisingly well-adjusted despite becoming viral at age 10. He appears to have a sense of humor about the whole thing, even posting a reference to his video on the Portland Mercury's Facebook page on the anniversary of "I like turtles."

The internet moves so fast, it's sometimes nice to look back on where it's been. This dead meme will continue to survive as a little turtle-loving zombie in the hearts of those who remember it.