“Stepdad, what are you doing?” That’s the question that OnlyFans model Taila Maddison found herself asking after she discovered her top subscriber was none other than her stepfather.

The revelation — one that was also apparently a surprise to her mother — came after the Australian influencer decided to investigate the username of one of her most high-spending OnlyFans subscribers.

“I had a subscriber who was purchasing all of my content since two to four weeks [sic] into me having my account,” she told the Daily Star of her interactions with the user. “We would talk every single day and he made specific requests almost every day, too.”

Despite boasting a “very specific username” and a handful of kinks, including insisting she flaunts her panties while in dressing rooms or in bathrooms, Maddison didn’t think much of her zealous supporter until one day she noticed a connection between his OnlyFans handle and that of a user who had viewed one of her videos on TikTok.

“I was left with six numbers and my stepdad was one of them,” she recalled of the harrowing discovery. “I went with my gut and I messaged him online saying that I knew who it was.”

Though her stepfather initially denied these creepy allegations — “His response was 'Who? You don’t know babe,’” she said — Maddison’s threats of roping in her mother quickly prompted him to change his tune.

“Within two minutes I got a text message from my stepdad saying ‘Hey Tai, can we talk?’” she remembered.

Upon confirming her subscriber was, in fact, her stepfather, a revelation Maddison said left her feeling “embarrassed” and “betrayed,” she opted to tell her mother, who 'knew immediately’ that she would be dumping his a—.

"When I told her on FaceTime she was shocked, and silent which was very unusual for my mum," the creator recalled. Shortly after, her mother had — rightfully — kicked her spouse to the curb.

So take it from this newly-single creep — Step-parent relations are always best left to PornHub’s homepage … and nowhere else, you perverts.