the well preserved remains of a wooly rhino estimated 20 - 50,000 years old

In the melting permafrost of northern Siberia, Scientists recently discovered a juvenile woolly rhino that is believed to have lived some 20-50,000 years ago.  Amazingly the rhino is 80 percent intact and may be the most in-tact specimen of this species ever discovered. The animal still had its last meal inside its stomach and the thick auburn hair still covering most of its body.

As eager as scientists are to examine and run tests on the amazing discovery, they'll have to wait for ice roads to form in the Arctic Yakutia so that it can be delivered to laboratories in the republic’s capital Yakutsk.

recently discovered wooly rhino remains

a baby wooly rhino on display

A paleontologist with the regional branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Valery Plotnikov, was quoted as saying the woolly rhino was likely 3- or 4-years-old when it died and likely drowned.

a paleontologist with a wooly rhino specimen

Yakutia, the region of Siberia where this animal was found, has been known for other carcasses of creatures that have long been extinct. The most intact woolly mammoth ever unearthed, two cave lion cubs, an ancient bison, a horse, and another baby woolly rhinoceros were also previously discovered in the region.

The map below shows the region of Siberia where some of these amazing discoveries have been found.

the region of siberia where a wooly rhino was discovered