The Mayor of Flavortown is here to save America. Guy Fieri, the bleached man on fire has carved out his place in the hearts of millions for showing us what it means to not only be cool but to act cool. 

News that Guy Fieri has helped raise over $21 million, in seven weeks, for unemployed restaurant workers, is just the latest act of kindness from America's Mayor. 

Guy Fieri has long been the butt of jokes, but since he's done more for out of work Americans in the last eight months than the federal government, many people have found a new love for him. 

At a time when people feel like their government, local and federal have left them out to dry, Guy Fieri reminds us what it means to take care of our neighbors.

The Guy Fieri news comes at a time when California is entering another shutdown, and many businesses who tried their best to comply are forced to close up shop. Pineapple Hill, a sports bar in Los Angeles went viral over the weekend when the bar's owners made an impassioned plea to the city of LA to help do something about the many business in need. 

It should be noted that California has not restricted some film shooting going forward, which has irked many people the wrong way, but the main difference between keeping shoots open and closing restaurants is film shoots require covid tests while restaurants do not. 

Flavortown isn't a real place but we can imagine that if it were, people would work together to solve their problems. They stuff their faces with hot-dogs and hamburgers, they would shop locally, and they surely have great health-care, because god knows they'd need it. It's sad that Guy, a food celebrity is doing more than most elected officials, and it making many people wish Flavortown were real after all.