There's a killer whale attacking boats off the coast of Spain and Portugal and her name is White Gladis. With her crew, Gladis is trolling the seas and taking rich people’s rudders with them and she also has the internet on her side.

Recently, videos and reports of orcas attacking boats have been all over the internet. Last month, Gladis was spotted absolutely beating the hull of a yacht in the Strait of Gibraltar.

The area has seen over 20 whale incidents in the month of May alone. One sailor posted on Instagram her experience of the hour-long whale attack.

Why is Gladis so mad?

One theory scientists have told LiveScience is that she is vengeful after a “critical moment of agony”. It's personal! She and her merry gang of goons are going after sailboats and yachts and, as one Twitter user, @nameshiv posted, leaving them to drift or sink.

Like last year's funeral elephant, the internet loves to get behind animals that seek revenge.


“Whales sending that 2 am text like “you up? wanna go bite the absolute fuck out of a boat rudder or something” tweets the satirical account @awhalefact.

White Gladis and her gang are now comrades in their crusade to hurt rich yacht people and steal their rudders. Twitter users can get behind a strong matriarch unionizing her pod against boats. She’s taking eating the rich to a whole new level!

“Ultimately the only cops I support are orcas,” quote tweets @andrewti with a video of one of the attacks.

Hell hath no fury like an orca after a critical moment of agony.