After years of famously crying over nothing and proving their penchant for sucking, a handful of conservative dudebros have finally opted to reclaim their reputations as the biggest babies in American politics, sharing childhood pictures to Twitter in an apparent attempt to thwart critics.

Over the weekend, several conservative figures including The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles, Babylon Bee VP of Marketing Gavin Wax, and consultant/notable convicted felon Roger Stone evidently discovered the nearly two-year-old “This Is Who You're Being Mean To” meme, taking to Twitter to hop on the old trend’s latest incarnation.

“When you call me an alt-right fascist this is to whom you're speaking,” they wrote alongside their baby photos, in what could easily be the grammatical a-hole take on Twitter user @dumbbitchcap’s original post.

Yet instead of magically absolving them of all of their terrible, terrible life decisions, this ploy for sympathy quickly backfired, with users flocking to question, well, pretty much everything.

“Literally the dumbest PR campaign I’ve ever seen,” wrote @noturtlesoup17 alongside screengrabs of Stone and Wax’s campaigns.

Meanwhile, others questioned just how long they’ve dabbled in far-right politics.

“So you started on fascism at an early age?” @DanAmrich  mused beneath Wax’s post. “Explains why you’re so good at it now.”

Stone garnered the majority of this backlash, with commenters likening him to baby Hitler and pretty much every asshole orphan in a Charles Dickens novel.

“Okay, but Roger Stone was the most Fascist looking child I’ve ever seen,” added @AlwaysFlacko in a quote tweet of Stone’s post.  “He looks like he paid bigger children ‘a Six Pence’ to waterboard a kid in the private academy bathroom.” @AlwaysFlacko was far from alone in their observations.

“I mean, sometimes you can just look at a kid and be like “yeah, this little fucker is going to be a fascist one day.’” added another.

As Twitter user @daveanthony so aptly put it in his reply to everyone’s favorite off-brand Penguin cosplayer, “What a fascist little fuck.”