Smoking is bad. Everybody knows that. But when TikToker Not Honey made a video of herself forcefully exhaling into a paper towel with the caption – “Maybe I should stop smoking so much” – the effects of her bad habit, a dirty patch on the clean towel, became very apparent.

“What are you smoking, diesel?” one person commented. “‘I should stop smoking,’ bro it’s too late for that,” someone else said. Not Honey’s video racked up a staggering 71.6 million views, and reactions ranged from shock to horror. Even some smokers were worried about her immediate health. “Oh baby this ain’t from smoking,” one person said. “All I know is I smoke pretty heavy and this just doesn’t happen for me.”

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But not everybody was convinced. Smokers rose up, many attempting the challenge themselves and calling B.S. “She’s holding the smoke in and blowing it out on the paper towel,” one person said. Based on videos of other smokers trying to replicate Not Honey’s results, this seems to be what happened.

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Despite the darkened napkin not being a direct result of air from Not Honey’s lungs, it does show that the air inhaled from tobacco products is far from clean.

 “Gen Z undoing literal decades of anti-smoking progress and becoming the most nic addicted generation since WWI is actually so sad,” one person commented.

While this statement is not statistically accurate, young people are still smoking at an alarming rate.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 1 in 6 high schoolers, and 1 in 25 middle schoolers regularly used tobacco products in 2022, and those numbers are down from 2021. Just think about how many kids these days you see hitting their vapes and sipping the Juul. And they’re not stopping any time soon.