Who the hell does Australian singer-songwriter Troye Sivan think he is? Kelly Clarkson sure as hell wants to know … well, at least according to a viral, misheard lyric in her new song, “Mine.”

Last month, Clarkson found herself at the center of a star-studded TikTok feud after a line in her new breakup anthem appeared to take aim at the “Angel Baby” artist. Though the lyric in question is actually “Sabotage, your choice of art/Who the hell do you think you are?” the American Idol alum’s signature belt made several fans question whether she was actually singing “sabotage, you’re Troye Sivan/Who the hell do you think you are?” a sentiment the singer took note of in a now-viral TikTok.

“What did I do to upset Kelly Clarkson?” asked the 27-year-old musician in a video shared with his 1.9 million followers on April 19 before sharing a clip of Clarkson singing the dubious lyric in her first live performance of the song on her eponymous talk show the day before.

@troyesivan @kellyclarkson ♬ original sound - Troye Sivan

“@Kellyclarkson, drop your location I'm ready to fight,” he captioned the post, which has since amassed upwards of 917,000 likes.

@troyesivan @kellyclarkson ♬ original sound - Troye Sivan

Though Clarkson, 41, may have not been asking who the hell Sivan thinks he is, the “Since U Been Gone” songstress took answering this bold inquiry into her own hands, inviting him onto her show to clear the air.

"Hands down, my favorite thing that's ever happened with releasing a song,” Clarkson  told her audience, adding that she “cannot not think of him when I sing this now."

"To be clear, I did not sing his name,” she elaborated. “I don't know why it sounds like that, but the line is 'your choice of art.'"

Clarkson wasn’t the only one who found the mixup amusing.

"Immediately, I had the same reaction, I was like belly laughing because it's so scary!" Sivan told Clarkson, who he said he had loved “so much and I have for so long

"You're so sincere when you sing it as well that I was like, 'Oh my god, what did I do?'" he elaborated.

It is unclear whether these recent events have inspired Tony Danza to offer Elton John a nice, warm hug in these trying times.