Despite what incels think, dating is a nightmare for a lot of people, not just men, and not just weird men who never go outside and blame the world for their problems. Recently, some younger men have taken to 4chan’s /pol/ to complain about zoomer women opting to date slightly older millennial men in the 27 to 35 age bracket.

The user writes, “I’ve noticed a worrying trend lately: Zoomer girls only want Millennial Men. It’s causing many young zoomer men to simply give up on dating. What explains this phenomenon of Zoomer Women lusting over the BMC’s (Big Millennial Cock) of 27-35 year old men?”

Firstly, I like the implication that millennial men have large penises, which the OP seems more than a little threatened by. Secondly, it’s not that complicated: Many women prefer men who are slightly more established in their careers, more financially stable and more emotionally mature than many men in their early 20s.

Surprisingly considering it’s 4chan, many commenters told OP he wasn’t noticing anything new, although they still managed to be slightly misogynistic while doing so. One commenter wrote, “Yeah I've noticed it, but it's just money and status they want,” while someone else said, “millenials have more money than zoomers. so the clickbait insta thots milk that demographic for money. you spend too much time on the internet.” I agree with that last part, but I can’t say I’m a fan of reducing women seeking financial stability in their partners to “clickbait insta thots.”

One commenter, obviously a fan of Ancient Greek philosophy, added, “It's literally mentioned by Plato as the ideal in The Republic. OP is thinking he found something new that was already around at least 2,500 years ago.” They’re referring to the fact that Plato suggested men should get married between the ages of 25 to 35 to women aged 16 (yikes) to 20, going so far as to suggest penalizing men who were not married by 35. That means at least half of 4chan’s user base would be punished in Plato’s Republic.

Wait a minute — that doesn’t sound so bad actually…