If you go out in the woods today you better bring … a really good alibi and a whole lot of patience, a lesson one hunter discovered the hard way after an angry homeowner suddenly demanded he get off of his property.

“We pay good money to hunt this property,” said one of the men. “We’ve been hunting it for years.”

“No you ain't been hunting this for years, I’ve lived here for eight years,” the man fired back before pointing a gun at the hunter.

“I’m scared as f—k right now,” the man said upon seeing the weapon, reiterating that as a bow hunter, he didn’t “have any guns” on him.

Though the man ultimately appeared to back away, several wondered if there was more to this extreme reaction.

“Dude with the AR is hiding something in those woods, clearly didn’t want to be recorded,” wrote @xTheSurgeonx.

“Got too close to his meth lab,” joked @davidrlroberts.

So take it from this scorned hunter — there isn't a single place in this country free from trigger-happy Karens.