Move over, Tinder swindler – “Andy from Hinge” may just be the latest baddie in the ever-wild world of dating apps.

On Sunday, May 7, Vox Senior Correspondent Rebecca Jennings took to Twitter with an odd observation: The strange, repetitive presence of several men, all named Andy, who like “everything about culture”  – whatever the esoteric fuck that means – on Hinge.

“My friend has been noticing something weird on Hinge: men who write "I like everything about culture" in their bios,” she wrote alongside several screengrabs of profiles depicting this weird, hive-mind phenomenon.

“What is this?” she asked. “Are they bots? Is it AI? Why are they all named Andy????? please someone tell us what is Going On.”

You know you’re fucked when Rebecca Jennings of Vox is also at a loss when it comes to strange, internet phenomena.

“Follow up q: if they are indeed bots, what is the process of making them?” she speculated. “Who is behind it and what are they possibly getting out of this?! My friend sometimes tries talking to them but they stop responding like immediately so if it's for scamming, seems like they're bad at it???”

While we here at eBaum’s World were not able to spot any rouge, cultural-appreciating Andys in any of our recent Hinge-swiping escapades, Jennings’ pals were far from alone in their observations, several others flocking to share their eerily similar tales of dating app de-ja-vous.

“Omg, I just saw one of these profiles in Boston!!!!! I wish I had screenshot it, it felt so weird to me” wrote @_ErinLee in response to Jennings’ post.

“WAIT I almost swiped right on someone with this exact same prompt bc I thought they were cute and last min decided not to dufjfjfjfj. On hinge too,” added @SelfStan.”

While it’s unclear who the hell Andy is and why he’s trying so desperately to slide into everyone's pants, one thing is for sure – Andy is definitely one great nickname for “Android.”