If there’s one thing people on the internet love, it’s other people’s relationship drama. And also crazy airplane passenger stories. One TikToker managed to combine both into a wild tale that she shared to the platform recently about an incident she witnessed on a flight from San Francisco to Chicago, and people are engrossed.

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As she explains in the video, a man and a woman were seated next to each other near her, and they immediately hit it off, having a great conversation and sharing a lot of laughs. They chatted for about two hours, and she bought them drinks. When she went to buy a second round of drinks, he declined, and that was the beginning of the end.

At that point, he decided to reveal that he had a girlfriend. She responded, “very loudly I might add” according to OP, “Why did you wait two drinks in to tell me that you had a girlfriend?” He responded, “It’s kinda weird to just upfront say, ‘Hey I have a girlfriend.’”

She responded that she was “over here thinking we fell in love and this was the start of our love story,” which caused a nearby woman to start giggling. The original woman then asked the giggling woman to confirm that what the man did was messed-up, prompting the giggler to ask the guy why he waited so long.

“The guy is now in the hot seat,” OP continues. The original girl added that the guy didn’t even have his girlfriend as his phone screensaver, leading her to ask the guy if they’re even “Instagram official” and how long they’ve been dating. He responded that they live together, and they’ve been dating for two years, causing both women to gasp.

The situation got even weirder when the original woman said that she wanted to do a bit pretending she was the guy’s wife who was breaking up with him. As the plane was descending, she started doing the bit, shouting, “How dare you cheat on me, that was my grandmother’s ring, I’m leaving you!” OP said that by this point, “There was not snakes on this plane, there was silence.” If that wasn’t enough, the woman expressed a desire to follow the man out of the airport to try and meet his girlfriend as she was picking him up.

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The saga continues in a second video, but it basically boils down to the original woman being increasingly intense and bizarre, and everyone else trying to extricate themselves from the situation. Once they were off the plane, the woman followed the guy through the airport and repeatedly asked where he was going. He declined to answer and eventually ran away after high-fiving the woman for some reason.

OP ended the video by saying, “I do not know if this was a bit or if this was real life or what. I have no idea,” which is fair enough considering how strange the entire thing was. Several people debated in the comments about when you should tell someone you’re taken, with some arguing that people should be able to have a conversation without it being assumed to be the start of a romantic relationship, while others argued he shouldn’t have let her buy him drinks.

One girl’s takeaway from the entire situation was pretty apt, however: “Idc how crazy that girl is. That man will never hesitate to claim his gf again and I love that lesson for him.”

If it keeps weirdly intense strangers off his back, I’m sure he’ll be shouting his love for his girlfriend from the heavens — or in this specific case, cruising altitude — going forward.