Though men are typically associated with the highly-coveted Darwin Award, gaining viral infamy for a slew of decidedly stupid actions, including shoving chopsticks up their noses, snapping stingray selfies and pooping their pants during fights, one woman decided to smash that goddamn glass ceiling once and for all by tongue kissing a wolf.

“There’s no way,” Twitter video roundup page @crazyclipsonly captioned the video, one depicting the woman using a whole lot of tongue while greeting what appears to be a wild wolf atop a snowy mountain.

While it remains unclear who, exactly, this woman is, where she found her canine companion, and why she’s not in jail alongside the chick from Bee Movie for beastiality, everyone was very f—king confused, several heading to Twitter to let out a resounding “what the f—k.”

“White women are never beating the allegations,” @kirawontmiss wrote alongside the now-viral clip.

“Na this is nasty,” added @PicturesFoIder while @theMegasyl speculated whether this inter-species makeout sesh would herald the next pandemic.

“That’s how humans keep brining diseases we don’t know into this world,” they said.

But regardless of whether or not this woman heralds Covid 2, one thing is certain — that wolf is getting a whole lot more action than all of us.