Soccer is full of drama. Fans of the sport go all out for their teams — and if they lose, they react in a manner rarely seen outside of an average night in Philadelphia.

Take, for example, the incident in which a bunch of Dutch soccer fans responded to a draw by throwing glass bottles of urine into Rome’s Campo de' Fiori. Or who could forget last year’s World Cup, in which Belgian soccer fans marked their loss by setting fire to cars in Brussels?

Sometimes, this drama takes the form of being a sore loser. That’s what seems to have happened at a recent soccer match in Peru, in which a losing team responded to their defeat by shutting off all the lights in the stadium.

The match, which was between Alianza Lima and Universitario Deportes, ended with the latter team winning 2-0. Alianza Lima, however, was having none of that — and so, they pulled the plug on the stadium, leaving fans of both teams stranded in darkness.

Naturally, the “football” community didn’t take too kindly to this move. For example, Luis Miguel Echegaray, head of Latino content at Sports Illustrated, called the act “the most Peruvian example of pettiness in the history of Peruvian pettiness,” which I’m sure would be a hilarious sting if I knew anything about Peru.

The club responded to these accusations by saying that they were not, in fact, butthurt about losing. Instead, they turned off the lights “in order to encourage the rapid evacuation of the stands and thus preserve the integrity and safety of the public and the sports delegations.”

Of course — nothing says “integrity and safety” more than plunging people who are trying to leave into pitch darkness.

Thankfully, it looks like Universitario Deportes managed to get their celebration after all, with fans pouring into the streets to cheer for their team.

Party on, boys — and maybe bring a flashlight to the next game.