The only thing worse than a nasty breakup? Having a nasty breakup after catching your partner cheating on you.

This nightmare scenario recently played out for one TikToker, who discovered his wife was having an affair with a man named Rick after spying a few incriminating text messages on her phone.

“We’ve been together for five years and I found out that she’s been cheating for the last seven months, and so now what I want to do is I want to confront her and ask her if she’s been cheating on me,” he said in his now-viral clip.

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While he had hinted that if his wife was upfront about the allegations, he would possibly be open to salvaging their relationship, any sort of denial would leave the pair headed straight for a divorce.

“If she’s not, marriage is over,” he said. “That’s it. Done.”

Unfortunately, his wife was anything but straightforward, evading questions about her whereabouts. After several minutes of giving phony answers, the husband decided that enough was enough, taking a more direct approach.

“Why don’t you just tell me who you’re seeing,” he said.

“I’m not seeing anyone,” his wife replied, appearing visibly flustered.

“Who is Rick?” he asked, a question resulting in equally slippery replies.

“Why are you asking these questions?” she reiterated. “These are weird questions.”

“Because you are cheating on me and I was trying to see if you would come forward and tell me like a natural person,” he said.

At this point in their conversation, the creator finally revealed that he had uncovered her affair after seeing some spicy messages between her and her alleged paramour.

After outlining what he had found on her phone, including damning texts along the lines of “‘oh, I love you, oh, this is the best I’ve ever had’, ‘oh man, I feel sore,’ his soon-to-be-ex attempted to flip the script, gaslighting her husband.

“Why are you going through my phone?” she asked before slamming him as “insecure.” “When you go through people’s stuff you find stuff you don’t wanna see.”

“Oh so now you’re gonna blame me for this, then?” he fired back.

After several moments of bickering, he finally drew the line.

“You know what, we’re done.” he said, later revealing he planned on showing the clip to his lawyers. “Five years in this marriage and all of a sudden out of nowhere you want to go fucking cheat.”

“I mean you were always working all the time anyway,” she finally admitted.

Though he may have ended the video single, we can only hope our boy landed one hell of a divorce settlement.