They say the first casualty in war is the truth. The second casualty, as it turns out, is the ability to bang.

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there’s a war going on in the Middle East right now. And during war, it’s common for armies to attempt to scramble GPS systems. This stops enemies from finding you, and can also prevent guided weapons from reaching their destinations.

The problem is that a lot of dating apps also use GPS — and given Israel’s recent jamming of GPS signals, dating apps in the region have become downright unusable.

According to users on Twitter and Reddit, these GPS jammers have totally screwed up their recommended matches. Understandably, these users aren’t thrilled — and they’ve headed to their respective platforms to share just how blue their balls are. “Why this is happening NOW in Tinder?!” reads a post on r/Egypt. The post shows Tinder profiles of women in Israel; OP is based in Cairo, over 250 miles away from the Israeli border. “WTF!” he adds in the caption.

OP is not alone. “Anyone noticed the increase in the number of profiles in Tinder?” asks a Beirut-based user on r/Lebanon. In the post, the user reveals the same issue: a host of women outside of his area randomly popping up on his feed. As one might expect, the Straights aren’t the only ones suffering from this GPS issue. Grindr, one user says, is filled with people nowhere near the user. Numerous other threads back up this idea — heck, even Pokemon Go players are having problems. Is nothing sacred?!?!

Sure, some users suspect that GPS jamming is not to blame, and that this is all some major psyop on the part of some government. But for the average Middle Eastern guy or gal trying to get it in, these are some dark days. If you’re out there trying to dick down/get dicked down, stay strong.