Disney is continuing its latest tradition of rebooting classic animated movies in live-action. This time with the hit 1992 film Aladdin. While many people are going to find it difficult portraying classic characters from the movie, few will have a more difficult challenge than Will Smith, who is set to portray The Genie. As Genie was previously portrayed by the late, great Robin Williams, it's a going to take a lot out of Smith to keep the masses happy.

Things went off to a shoddy start when on Wednesday, Disney released the first look at Smith in his Genie garb. Shown below:

As Aladdin is a film that holds a special place in many peoples hearts and minds, people are expecting perfection of Smith, and people are not happy with this start. 

The internet has a tendency to overreact, Will Smith could still come out with an amazing performance and reimagine the iconic character for a whole new generation. But, we at least have to make sure Genie is blue, that's the least Disney could do.