A true veteran of r/MaliciousCompliance, one woman is combating outdated corporate rules in the ugliest way possible.

Jobs love imposing a policy of “no unnatural hair colors” for their employees. @emuhleeebee on TikTok has decided to follow that rule and make everyone endure the terrible wigs she wears to cover her pink hair. It’s not just one wig, it's multiple and they are bad.

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“I’ll be diddly darned if I get rid of my pink hair,” @emuleeebee says in a response video to her viral TikTok.

Her act of ugly non-rebellion has spurred others to share their similar stories of skirting outdated work policies.

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“I had to cover my blue hair at Applebees so I wore a jehri curl wig,” commented one user.


“My minimum wage job wouldn’t let me have a nose ring even though it was just a stud so I put large bandaids over my nose and they changed the rule,” said another commenter.

The best way to fight the power? With stiff Party City wigs. The creator has started an Amazon wishlist for even more outrageous wigs. 

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The best way to change policies is to truly wear the powers that be down with a hideous mullet wig.

Would you rather the front desk worker have pink hair or look like Joe Dirt? Actually, don't answer that.