80th and sheridan - crash run bmw

After crashing her BMW 5 series on 80th and Sheridan in Westminster Colorado, this woman decided to make the worst decision of her life and run away. Leaving her smashed beamer and two other stricken vehicles behind, she took off with a backpack on, and medal around her neck. Little did she know, she would be caught in 4k by not one, not two, but three different bystanders.

Filmed from the second story of Children's Dentistry across the street, this angle of the crash shows a broad view of all parties involved, and the woman's attempt to flee. Posted to the TikTok channel Jhettlyn Wolfe, the clip has over 11 million views. 

In the video, a different woman off camera can be heard yelling "You wanna ride, I'll take you!" before retracting her offer. "No I'm just fucking joking, why are you leaving?" That woman was filming too, and her clip on the TikTok page nat_5627 has over 14.5 million views. 

Based on the crash, it would appear that the BMW ran a red light, was t-boned by cross traffic, and careened into the Chevy pickup truck. According to a Reddit comment, the woman was apprehended the same day. Although no news outlet has corroborated that, it can be assumed she did not remain at large for long. 

Not to be forgotten, the real victims of this accident are those in the other cars involved. The last video comes from a car at the scene of the crash. 

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Remarkably, the all powerful TikTok algorithm showed many curious onlookers every single angle in minutes. Multiple users posted screen recordings showing how quickly they stumbled across each clip. "TikTok is wild. Seeing the other angle 5 minutes later," one person commented. "Waiting for it to bring me full circle with the mug shot," another person joked. 

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Even without substantial video evidence, the BMW owner's identity would have been discovered quickly. "It’s like people don’t realize you can track license plates," one person commented. But the speed with which the internet identified, shared, and corroborated video evidence is shocking. 

Here's an idea; if you're going to commit a crime in 2023, do it someplace where you can't be filmed by three or more people.