Despite accidents being incredibly rare, having a fear of flying is exceptionally common. Those with this fear cite numerous reasons for their in-air anxiety, ranging from stress about the absurdity of being trapped in a metal tube in the sky to more simple things like a fear of heights.

For some, their fear of airplanes stems mainly from the possibility of an accident. Those who feel that way probably shouldn’t watch this video:

This video was taken on a flight from Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo by a woman named Sabrina Charello. Just as she was trying to take some aesthetic shots of the airplane’s wing, one of the engines exploded — leading to panic amongst those in the cabin.

“As soon as we took off, the plane was making some strange noises. I think it was about 20 minutes into the flight when the explosion happened. It was a very loud noise,” recalled Charello to Brazilian outlet g1. “We were thinking, ‘My God, what happened?’ We were shaking, nervous and in a cold sweat. It was horrible. The plane destabilized and lost speed at the same moment.”

Charello handled it better than other passengers. According to her, those other passengers began having panic attacks and fainting.

Thankfully, the plane was able to return to Galeão International Airport in Rio de Janeiro for a safe landing — although Charello complained that the airline gave the passengers no real compensation for the incident, with the exception of a meal voucher worth about $6. “It was impossible to find lunch at this price in Galeão.” This was really not your day, Charello.

For those who are curious, most modern aircraft will do just fine flying on one engine. Still, it’s definitely not something you want to see on your flight, even if it makes your Instagram Story a lot more entertaining.