There’s no good time to commit a crime, but there are plenty of bad ones. For example, if you find yourself standing next to a cop, it’s probably not the best time to shove that Snickers down your pants. And if you find yourself participating in a local “Shop With a Cop” event — I mean, I shouldn’t have to tell you that’s a bad idea, right?

Apparently, I do, as a woman in Livingston County, Michigan was recently arrested after allegedly trying to sneak out of Walmart with $727.86 worth of merchandise during an event in which the store was filled with 75 police officers.

For those who are unfamiliar with “Shop With a Cop” days, it’s where a bunch of companies donate money to children so they can have goods for the winter. Then, these kids go shopping at a local store for necessities and/or Christmas treats. The cops, as far as I can tell, kinda just show up to take the credit. Thank you for your service, boys!

At a recent Shop With a Cop event in Livingston County, 75 police officers were wandering around a local Walmart when one was informed that a 62-year-old woman was trying to steal over $700 worth of merchandise. In today’s economy, that’s, what, three oranges?

Anyway, the woman was quickly apprehended. “The trooper followed the woman out to her vehicle, which was parked next to all the patrol vehicles of the officers participating in the event, police said,” reads a piece in MLive. Not the brightest, this lady.

From there, the woman was taken to jail, where she met, you guessed it, even more cops. Remember, shop ‘til you drop — don’t shop with a cop.