A white woman on TikTok who decided to document (and defend) getting box braids has gone viral. Not for the cultural appropriation but for how badly the braids were done.

Starla Soloway is a model in Houston, Texas and she went to a hairdresser's home with Kim Kardashian as her reference photo. The results? Outstandingly bad.

@starlasoloway Love!! #fypage #braids #houston ♬ Gorgeous - Tee Grizzley & Skilla Baby

Not only was her hair not parted to resemble the reference photo but people have started calling her front parting a “schmiddle part.”

Soloway did go to a black hairdresser and the internet is praising the braider for getting her money and doing some damage.

“The braider knew exactly what she was doing. Babygirl made her bag and the milk maiden gets a smiddle and traction alopecia” replied @FinesseEness.

Soloway is not going down as she has made video after video exclaiming that she does not find her act offensive at all. She even posted a fake out of cutting her ( loose and undipped) ends, saying “Kiss my white f-ing ass, b*tch."

@starlasoloway Replying to @ #fyp ♬ original sound - Starla Soloway

Soloway then accused her critics of being bullies and believing in “segregation.”

Fellow Houston model @iamcrystalcave contacted Soloway through a photographer and confronted her about her videos. Soloway admitted that she is working with a “marketer” who is telling her to create controversial videos to receive attention and boost her music career.

@iamcrystalcrave #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo @Starla Soloway thats WHAT i thought #jewelgang ♬ original sound - Crystal crave

We’ve had many of these online grifters but what Soloway lacks is a certain appeal and knowledge of what good braids actually look like. But credit to her, the ordeal has brought her the attention she was looking for.