Kelsey Forsythe, @keepupwithkelsey on TikTok, stumbled on her neighbor appearing to practice stunts by running and jumping onto inflatable mattresses in the middle of his yard over and over again. The video she captured of the scene ended up getting over 700k views, promising updates.

@keepupwithkelsey Our neighborhood is basically the Wild West. I dont know what this guy is training for but hes gonna be ready. #stunt #stuntman ♬ original sound - Kelsey Forsythe

In the video Kelsey asks “Do you think he wants to be a stunt double?” and followed up with update videos, searching for this mysterious stuntman.

One commenter gave insight into who he might be by writing “i work with him but he does singing on the side. He was rehearsing for a video he’s shooting.” This was confirmed in the latest update revealing that the man of mystery is on YouTube by the name Wolf Braxton, and he is a country musician. The stunners he was practicing were indeed for an upcoming music video. According to the latest update video, his wife got connected to Kelsey.

@keepupwithkelsey Replying to @Lilly yall, were getting an interview! So help me make my question list! What do I need to ask him!? #stuntman #wildwest ♬ original sound - Kelsey Forsythe

Wolf Braxton’s YouTube channel includes a video for his latest single, “Running from H*ll,” a follow-up to his previous stoner single, “SNOOP and WILLI." 

Keep an eye out for his next music video to see if his practice paid off.