Unless you’re a Disney princess, dealing with unwanted animals in your home isn’t ideal. You could be blissfully unaware and asleep one evening, only to wake the next morning to find that your kitchen has been ransacked by an unidentifiable four-footed thief.

One person who was dealing with such intrusions took it upon themselves to set a trap. Not a trap designed to actually trap the animal, mind you, but simply a preliminary trap so they could “get a sense of the size or number of creature (s) to figure out the best course of action.”

What did this trap look like, you ask? It was a piece of pizza placed in the center of a ring of flour, of course.

They woke up to find the pizza had been eaten, obviously, and one corner of the flour ring had been disturbed as the culprit fled the scene. Fortunately, they left behind little paw prints, allowing helpful strangers on Reddit to guess that the thief is most likely a rat. Specifically, as one user put it, “Definitely a large rat trying to feed his 4 turtle children. I suggest staying on their good side.”

Many commenters expressed astonishment at the fact that OP didn’t think to set up a camera that would allow them to see the creature in action and also share the results with the internet for entertainment value rather than lay a ridiculous Homer Simpson-esque trap and try and identify the animal based on its paw prints.

In a hilarious update to this cartoonish saga, OP shared that the mystery animal had managed to trip the trap they had set up for it (an actual trap this time, complete with cage and all) but somehow escaped. OP concluded, “This is not a shit post, I just think this creature has earned the right to live here.”

I have to agree. Continue leaving out offerings of four-day-old pizza to keep the mystery creature happy, and perhaps he will bless your home, too.