Though the post office may clearly list their hours on their door, website and pretty much every surface imaginable, one woman decided that she was above these long-running rules, attempting to berate a worker for refusing to serve her as the clock struck seven.

“You’re acting outside the box, I don’t know, but I don’t appreciate this,” the woman admonished the employee from behind the glass barrier.

“It doesn't make no difference what you appreciate,” he fired back. “I don't appreciate ya’ll coming in here at the last minute!”

Despite offering a polite reminder of the time — “It’s 7:00 right now!” the postal worker continued — the woman refused to back down, demanding to speak to a manager.

“You know what the supervisor gonna tell you? Get your behind in here in time enough to take care of your stuff so I can go home,” he said with a laugh.

Postal workers: If you’re annoyed, they’re very annoyed.