It’s almost the holidays, and evidently, people are already getting a little stir-crazy stuck at home with their partners, if this recent TikTok trend is anything to go by. We have user Tania Martinez to thank for the trend after a video she posted went viral and prompted countless stitches and responses.


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In the video, she says, “Today, ask your man to name a woman. If that guy says any other name than yours, you should start a fight,” and everyone took her challenge seriously. One popular video from TikToker Kelsey Kotzur features Kelsey asking her partner to name a woman, to which he responds, “What the **** is this?” before eventually naming a woman: Sydney Sweeney, potentially the most dangerous answer he could have given.

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Commenters were in agreement, with the top comment reading, “That was actually more wrong than any other answer he could have given LMAO,” while someone else wrote, “My main said ‘who is sydney sweeney’ bye i win.” Yes girl, yes you do.

@mojojot #stitch with @tania ♬ original sound - jot

In another popular stitch of Tania’s video, a girl asks her boyfriend to name a woman, and he does one better: he names two, specifically Rosa Parks and Michelle Obama. I’m pretty sure those are fairly safe answers; they’re definitely safer than Sydney Sweeney. According to several commenters, their boyfriends also answered Rosa Parks, prompting one user to wonder if Rosa Parks was “their new roman empire.” Can someone conduct an investigation into the question of whether all men are secretly obsessed with Rosa Parks or not? It’s for science.

Back in the comment section of the original video, some women whose boyfriends answered correctly by naming them were looking for other ways to start fights. One commenter wrote, “I asked and he said my name so now I’m fighting over who has asked him the same question before .” Oof, you guys, I never thought I’d say this, but you’ve got me feeling bad for men right now. If I were someone’s boyfriend, I’d be pleading the fifth to this question.