Great news for us hotties out there — we’re all about to go from hot to *really* hot if TikTok’s latest viral theory is to be believed.

Over the past several weeks, the concepts of “March Theory” and “April Theory” has popped up in our For You pages. Though the exact definition varies from person to person, the general gist is fairly simple — after a long hard winter, our best selves bloom as spring and summer head into full swing.

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“Me getting excited for ya’ll because April is almost here and that means the April theory is going to happen,” TikToker @vaatsalya.c wrote alongside her clip on the topic, which has since garnered upwards of 14,400 likes.

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“It’s basically when you start being really happy and take your life into your hands and make the best memories this month, I don’t know [sic] it is but there’s some magic juju in the air,” she concluded.

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As evidenced by her comments section, @vaatsalya.c was far from alone in these sentiments.

“Last year the April theory def worked I hope it works this year,” wrote @cleair_theone.andonl, a sentiment echoed by TikToker @sturniolo_2003. “This theory is real (for me at least) it's like a reset,” they added.”Everything starts to sail smoothly.”

Hot girl summer? Is so 2019. Hot girl April, here we come.