"Cancel culture" is here. In the wake of creepy James Franco stories recently surfacing, writer Nicole Cliffe seems to be very interested in taking down Jeff Goldblum. Check out some of her tweets below.

She claims to have a "very trustworthy investigative journo with great creds" who would love to hear people's creepy Jeff Goldblum stories.

Her tweet blew up and she apparently got tons of emails with Jeff Goldblum stories.

Some people tweeted back with their own Jeff Goldblum stories. None of this is confirmed or should even remotely be considered at this point, but it seems like the hammer may be coming down if an article with claims actually gets written. 


  • Writer on Twitter thinks Jeff Goldblum is a creep.
  • Claims she knows a trustworthy journalist who wants stories about Jeff Goldblum.
  • Also claims to get tons of emails with creepy Jeff Goldblum stories.