After a recent interview on Sundae Conversation with Caleb Pressley, Bhad Bhabie stated that people who subscribed to her OnlyFans the night she turned 18, should be arrested. When asked in the interview “should they [subscribers] be in jail,” the internet celebrity simply replied, “Yeah.”

The internet was quick to react after her statement went viral. Bhad Bhabie, who made $50 million on her OnlyFans last year, clearly depends on her subscribers to make a living, but seemingly doesn’t mind throwing them under the bus.

Now before you go get your pitchforks, you should know that Sundae Conversation isn't 60-Minutes and that the interview is meant to be fun and unserious, however, that didn't stop people with their Twitter fingers from getting bent out of shape. It's nice to see Bhad Bhabie acknowledge that some of her OnlyFans subscribers are creeps, but in the same vein, those creeps are paying her a fair amount of money for her content.