When walking through New York, it’s always clear who’s new and who’s spent far too much time in the city. See a guy dressed like Bob Dylan playing acoustic guitar on the subway? He’s been in the city two months, and his dad pays for an apartment 10 steps away from the Bedford Avenue stop. See someone who smells like piss screaming at a lady selling papaya? That’s a New York native, baby! Greatest city in the world!

While some newcomers have the good sense to keep their New York dreams bottled inside until they die a natural death, others find it totally appropriate not only to see the city as their own, but to broadcast that idea to the world. Such is the case in this video.

When moving to NYC isn't like it is in the movies
byu/thedrainedtycoon inImTheMainCharacter

The clip shows three people on an East Village balcony (average price for a one-bedroom rental in this neighborhood is $3,695 per month, by the way). The time is 6 a.m. Despite the fact that it’s way too early in the goddamn morning, one of the women appears to be treating the balcony as her own personal Burning Man, casting her arms into the air and shouting to the high heavens. But the high heavens do not hear her. Who *does* hear her is her downstairs neighbor, who promptly tells the group to “shut the fuck up” and calls them assholes. It’s a beautiful city, really.

Redditors had theories as to what caused this incident to take place. Of course, many theorized that the group may have, uh, “gone snow-blowing” or “taken some candy nasally.” Others thought that these were just idiots enjoying their first city experience. We’ll let you decide!

Even more stated that, for some reason, this is a totally normal occurrence in NYC, and yes, people still choose to live there despite this. As one user summarized, “Waking up to the sounds of people shouting at each other in NYC is about as common as waking up to the sound of chirping birds in most other places.”

Hey, at least the pizza’s good!