Imagine you’re at the waterpark with your family and you look towards the lifeguard tower to see a young woman mechanically moving her head side to side over the wave pool. Do you think anything of it? Or do you accuse her of being a robot?

Well, one woman decided to scream the quiet part out loud and started recording the lifeguard while at Nashville Shores Waterpark in Tennessee.

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“What you think you see ain’t really real cause they here watching this robot…This a whole f***ing robot thats supposed to be a lifeguard!,” the woman yells, zooming on the “A.I.” lifeguard moving her head.

The robotic lifeguard eventually asks the woman recording her if she is okay and firmly states that she is indeed, real.

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“You are not real ma'am you are the matrix,” the woman responds.

While yes the movements seem odd and rigid, the lifeguard is in fact performing a water safety technique largely used in waterparks called “Ellis Scanning.” Lifeguards are trained to scan the whole pool by moving their whole heads in a repeated pattern so as to not rely on peripheral vision and have a better view of what’s happening in the pool. This is why the lifeguard doesn’t stop moving while talking to the woman.

Maybe OP can calm down about the robot lifeguard at another manmade invention designed to pacify the masses, the lazy river.