Over the weekend, one boater navigating the high seas near Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks appears to have forgotten the foremost rule of water sports: Your vessel belongs in the water, and not inside nearby homes.

On Saturday, the 46-year-old was slapped with a BWI (boating while intoxicated) after crashing his boat into a lake house, the vessel flipping and ejecting all eight adult passengers, before catapulting into the home.

“Troopers responded to a serious injury crash last night at the 1.5-mile mark of the main channel,” the Missouri State Highway Patrol explained via Twitter. “The boat ran aground and struck a home, causing it to overturn, ejecting all eight passengers.”

As of Monday, more than half of the passengers had been released from the hospital, but the home was in need of some serious rehab, undergoing “extensive damage” from the crash.

So take it from this tale of boating woe — lay off the booze if you’re gonna be hitting the waves, lest you hit someone’s residence instead.