Though Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick was famously said to have died during the show’s second season, she is alive, well, and sliding into DMs of married men.

Alexis Elizabeth Bawden, wife of New York Jets fullback Nick Bawden, recently took to TikTok to spill the “piping hot” tea surrounding the reality star, claiming Pivarnick sent a message to her husband shortly after attending the team’s game against the New England Patriots on Sunday.

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“I’m on the field to say ‘hi’ to my husband before he plays and I see Snooki walk by,” she recalled, referencing Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, one of the several Jersey Shore stars who dropped by the game. “So Angela [sic] from the show, I don’t know who that is, okay, but I see this woman who’s with Snooki peep me.”

Though Pivarnick remained tight-lipped during this awkward interaction, Bawden said the TV personality had a lot more to say in her husband’s DMs mere minutes later.

“My husband gets a DM from this girl, Angela from Jersey Shore.” she said before showing a purported screenshot of the message, one that simply read “See u soon.” “I’m like this girl has a million followers, it’s so weird.”

She concluded her message for the MTV icon’s fans: “She’s weird.”

“That’s weird, you don't message a married woman’s man you’re gonna see him ‘soon’ after you see his wife,” she continued. “Weirdo.”

Shortly after the video gained viral traction on TikTok, Pivarnick, who is engaged to Vinny Tortorella, purportedly reached out to Bawden claiming she was not on the field before the game and that her message to the NFL star was intended in a “nice, mature way.”

“I’m an engage [sic] woman,” the MTV maven wrote according to screenshots later shared to the influencer’s page. “I never in 1 million years try to f—king get with your husband.”

Even with this clarification, Bawden was not convinced. “You’re still a weirdo,” she said.

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As Bawden’s follow-up video began making the rounds on TikTok, Pivarnick headed to Instagram to publicly speak on the unfolding drama.

“The ---- that’s being told about me sliding into a married man’s ig has gotten out of control,” she wrote, denouncing Bawden as a “clout chaser” and reiterating that she arrived at the game “right at kickoff.”

"I think she’s making all of this up,” she continued. “I know she’s reaching. She needs to stop trying to slander me and stop being a liar. I am not into married men and would never write that ----.”

Pivarnick then threatened to take their beef off of social media and into the courtroom.

“If she doesn’t stop, my lawyer will send her a letter cease and desist soon,” she said. “not playing. Add this to TikTok, girl. What a joke.”

So take it from Pivarnick and Bawden: Sometimes GTL stands for “Gym, Tan, Left on read.”