The only thing worse than breaking up over text? Breaking up over text … that just so happens to be broadcasted before hundreds of commuters in central London.

Pedestrians in the British capital were greeted with quite the sight last week, after Sarah, a scorned lover, decided to call out her two-timing long-term partner on his bad behavior, renting a massive, glowing billboard with a pointed message for her “cheating boyfriend, Daniel Patel.”

@vanvertise Either Daniel Patel got the original video taken down or tiktk is just hating, but this NEEDS to be seen! #vanvertise #vanad #digitalbillboard #billboard #cheatingbf #bfexposed #relationshipdrama ? Oh No - Kreepa

“I saw the text messages. 7 and a half years down the drain,” read the glowing screen. “Enjoy your work you immoral scumbag.”

While it’s unclear whether this message reached Patel, who for a brief moment likely held the title of London’s most hated man, it definitely reached a whole lot of passersby, who flocked around the billboard, snapping photos and videos.  

So take it from newly single Patel — what’s done in the dark will always come to light … and sometimes that light just so happens to be on a massive LED billboard for all of London to see.