The increased cost of living means that everyone is feeling the pinch, but the solution to financial concerns is not to seek out a luxury service and then complain about the cost. TikToker Sam Richardson recorded a woman in her local nail salon who got her nails done and then complained about the cost, allegedly yelling at employees before yelling at Richardson, including asking her, “You musta drank a cup o’ cunt this morning, didn’t ya?”

“You musta drank a cup o’ cunt this morning, didn’t ya?” Lady complains about nail salon prices and eventually, the whole shop turns against her
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Richardson repeatedly told the woman that she was standing up for the employees, although many of her taunts seemed designed to give her viewers the most entertaining show possible. Eventually, other patrons of the nail salon joined in on criticizing the Karen, with multiple people in the salon yelling over the top of each other before the woman was escorted outside while shouting, “Bitch, you don’t scare me!”

The Karen was next spotted waiting outside the salon for Richardson to leave, so employees and another customer went outside to try and get her to leave, which she eventually did. Richardson’s video went viral, thanks in large part to her 530k followers. Moreover, because the nail salon Karen commented on the video using her partner’s account, Richardson was able to identify her full name, posting a follow-up video sharing that information as well as the fact the woman has three children; essentially doxxing the woman for her audience.

Honestly, the entire situation seems incredibly messy. The woman complaining about the cost of a service she voluntarily sought out is obnoxious, but the woman recording it solely so she can upload it to TikTok in an attempt to generate outrage and kick-start a widespread public shaming of the “Karen” doesn’t come across particularly well either.

Standing up for service workers is a decent thing to do, but many questioned Richardson’s motives, with some arguing that her concern didn’t seem particularly authentic and that she was primarily preoccupied with trying to go viral. A Redditor asked if Richardson had just successfully “out Karened a Karen,” to which someone else responded, “I think we just witnessed an advanced out-Karening maneuver, only to be seen on rare occasions.”

People who make a living posting online may have forgotten this, but it is actually possible to do something and not record it or post it — unless the entire reason you’re doing it is so you can make a video about it, that is.