It’s not easy to reject someone. While the right way to do things may be telling them you’re not interested, it’s just so much simpler to stop answering calls. After all, do you really want to watch yourself break someone’s heart? Or do you just want to hit the “Block” button on your smartphone and pretend the whole thing never happened?

The latter may take less effort, but it does open up the possibility of you being called out. And would you look at that, that’s exactly what seems to have happened here:

Comedian calls girl's crush in the middle of the show
byu/ritzanddazzle infunny

In this video, a woman says she met a man (Brian) in the parking lot of a Taylor Swift concert, upon whom she quickly developed a crush. The comedians ask if they can call him using her phone. They do, and he doesn’t answer.

Then, another woman offers her phone, which the comedians use to call Brian’s number. This time, Brian picks up — leading to a chorus of cheers and boos from the audience. “You’re a POS, Brian,” one of the comedians says.

While the most satisfying explanation for this situation is the one I laid out above — i.e., Brian didn’t want to deal with this woman and now he’s getting called out live on-stage, users on Reddit offered some other reasons this went down the way it did.

“Meanwhile, Brian, in the shower, scrambles to get the first phone call, missing it he decides to call them back later and brings his phone into the bathroom so he can get it faster next time,” theorized one commenter. “Exactly what I was thinking lol. You miss the first call while looking for the phone, you have the phone handy for the second call. Two calls in a row usually means someone trying to get hold of you for something important,” added another.

However, others noted that the first call didn’t seem to ring as many times as the second — meaning that Brian may have sent the call to voicemail. Real POS move, Brian.

Although the woman in the crowd may not be too happy about this outcome, it’s probably for the best. As one user put it, “Say what you will, they did her a favor.”