Ever since that damn moon moon name game broke our brains, people love giving themselves fun nicknames for any stupid occasion. Well, this hasn't stopped as people around the world have gone into quarantine, and in truth it's only gotten worse. 

This is how it starts, with some stupid tweet about over eating and feeling sad. Lame.

And before you know it, every normal and their mom has retweeted and made their own version, like, "your quarantine name is your first name plus the consistency of your last poop'. I got, Sue SH*TS Bricks. 

Seriously though, such a fun and creative way to pass the time with your friends! And there are so many versions, and unique ways to play. 

Well last night Twitter user @lunch_enjoyer started his own quarantine name game and it might just be that much better than the rest. How do you play? Well it's simple, comment your quarantine name below. 

The difference between @lunch_enjoyer's game and the other lame nickname games going around, is that enjoyer's game is actually fun to play. 

So who is Greg Peppers? Is he a stand up comedian like some have speculated? Is he you? Maybe he is ME? Whoever he is, we are all Greg Peppers.