Perhaps it’s not one of the best human impulses, but sometimes, few things can be more entertaining than a truly devastating read. The latest example that’s taken the internet by storm was delivered by Marcus Kelle, who works in PR in New York City and is such a well-known doorman that he was profiled by the New York Times.

Last week was New York Fashion Week, and Kelle was working the door at a party thrown by Interview Magazine and Emporio Armani at the Bowery Hotel. With people like Dylan Mulvaney, Hari Nef and Moses Sumney in attendance, it was obviously the place to be, and one influencer certainly felt she had more right to be there than most.



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Maha, an influencer who goes by @moxeb, caused a scene at the door when she was turned away by Kelle for not being on the guest list. This led to one of the most unforgettable dressings-down caught on camera in recent memory, with Kelle telling her, amongst other things, “You’re not coming in because I don’t like you,” “You’re from Canada so you don’t f-----g know, that’s why you’re not coming in,” “What you don’t know about men could fill a book, honey,” and “The last time you got f----- was by genetics.”

Not to mention, when Maha said she wasn’t speaking to him, Kelle shot back, “Your voice is coming out of your mouth in my direction.”

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It was devastating. It was brutal. It was incredibly entertaining for everyone besides, presumably, Maha. One witness, whose video of the event went viral, explained that Maha had cut the line and demanded to be let in because she was a “paid influencer” and everyone else in the line was just a “moocher.”  

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People were quick to come to Kelle’s defense, and Interview, which threw the party, is standing by him, describing him as New York’s most iconic bouncer in its write-up of the event. For his part, Kelle is now selling T-shirts with some of his best lines, including “I’m matching your volume” and the delightfully passive aggressive “I wish you well.”