A quick trip to Walmart ended in a possibly relationship-ending screaming match after a wife caught her husband picking up a pack of condoms at the self-checkout counter.

“Why are you buying condoms, my boy,” she yelled, her husband imploring her to not “embarrass” him.

Unfortunately for him, she refused to relent, questioning why, exactly, he told her “to sit in the car” as he stocked up on condoms.

Cheater caught buying condoms
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“You’re gonna get a magnum, yeah right!” the wife continued, eliciting a series of glares and ooh-s from visibly horrified onlookers.

“The audacity,” she continued. “You’re buying condoms and you're married!”

With all eyes on their highly-public marital spat, the husband began attempting to explain away his suspicious purchase, insisting he was doing a friend a favor.

“I got it for my homeboy!” he continued. “I ain’t buying them for me!”

Yet it appears the wife wasn’t buying this excuse, their spat continuing as they headed out the door.

So, take it from this Walmart tale of marital woe — if you’re gonna get condoms be subtle … or better yet, don’t cheat.