Though @myladyweeze may have spent one day last week working from home, she got something a whole lot better than water cooler gossip, finding herself in the front-row seat for a whole lot of drama after her neighbor’s friend caught him cheating on his wife.

“You’re gonna be a man,”  the two-timer's pal could be heard yelling in the adjacent apartment, a part of a conversation @myladyweeze described as a “three hour ordeal of straight screaming.” “You’re gonna be a man, you take care of a real woman and respect your duties.”


twas the most eventful wfh day I’ve ever had

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Though the specifics of the affair are between the cheating husband, his friend, his mistress, and now, evidently one nosy TikToker, it appears whatever went down was not good, the friend insisting that the unfaithful partner own up to his actions, stat.

“You’re gonna let her that you fucked up, you’re gonna let her know,” he demanded. “And if you don't let her know I’ll let her know, and I’ll let her know everything.”

We can only hope that the cheating S.O. fesses up … and that when he does, @myladyweeze is there with a camera and a bucket of popcorn.