Two Arizona women put the long-debated “Irresistible Karen Paradox” to bed over the weekend, singlehandedly proving that a whole lot of drama can and will ensue when an immovable pedestrian Karen meets an unstoppable cyclist Karen.

@dabbyaz headed to TikTok with a clip depicting her recent visit to the Queen Creek Trail in Queen Creek, Arizona, one that ended in an accident after she opted to stand her ground as a biker hurdled down the wrong side of the path with two dogs in tow.

“I’m not moving! You’re on the wrong side of the road!” she yelled. Though the biker repeatedly said “excuse me,” @dabbyaz refused to budge, the clip cutting off moments after the collision.

“You’re on the wrong side of the road!”
by u/I_may_have_weed in PublicFreakout

While the video, as well as @dabbyaz’s account, have been privated, several hikers, bikers and even a few couch-dwelling Redditors have sounded off on the ordeal, admonishing both the cyclist and the camerawoman for their respective roles in the collision.

“You can hear it in her voice...**** gets deep and you can tell she's bracing for it!!!”  uTruthSpeakin commented on the video, as it appeared in r/PublicFreakout. 

”Bikes need to make way for pedestrians and follow the rules of the road (path),” added u/kazz9201. “That being said, sometimes being right isn’t worth getting injured over.”

Meanwhile, several others argued that it was the biker who was, in fact, in the wrong.

“Wrong side of the path, two dogs totally off leash, and she beelined right at the walker,” wrote one Redditor, who has since deleted their account. “She earned that knockdown.”

“What does the cyclist expect people to do? Dodge left and right the whole way down the road as cyclists come at them on both sides?” asked u/BertPeopleErniePeopl, while u/Cheebwhacker likened the video to “that meme where the bicyclist puts the stick in their own spokes.”

But regardless of which Karen was responsible for the crash, one thing is certain. As u/Churnice put it, “what a weird sand dune to die on.”