A 20 year old pregnant woman will be serving some jail time after a stunt for a YouTube video resulted in the death of her boyfriend, who is also the father of her 3 year old daughter.

The couple had planned to see if a .50 Caliber bullet would pass through a book her boyfriend (Pedro Ruiz III) was holding in front of his stomach. A few hours before the shooting Perez tweeted: "Me and Pedro are probably going to shoot one of the most dangerous videos ever. This is HIS idea not MINE."

The shooting took place outside their home in Halstad. Ruiz set up one camera on the back of a vehicle and another camera on a ladder nearby, according to the criminal complaint. Perez stood about a foot away and fired the weapon.

A a .50-caliber Desert Eagle pistol was used in the tragic stunt. The weapon is described as "one of the world's most powerful semiautomatic handguns" by the specialty retail company Cabela's.

Ruiz reportedly believed the book would stop the bullet. Perez called 911 but Ruiz was pronounced dead at the scene, from a gunshot wound to the chest. Their 3-year-old daughter was nearby when he was shot. 

Perez entered a plea agreement in Norman County District Court for second-degree manslaughter.  Perez is to serve 180 days in jail and spend a following 10 years on supervised probation.

Youtuber "one n only" created a short video showing why the couple's stunt failed.

 (The video is NOT graphic / contains a misleading thumbnail)